It’s been a while since we did a new episode in our Film Comment Podcast: At Home series. Let me assure you that’s not because we’ve stopped watching movies or even left the house for that matter. So FC Editor-in-Chief Nicolas Rapold got together again with colleagues to talk about the latest selection of home viewing that’s been occupying our pandemicized brains. We discussed the shock of the present moment and how it’s changed, and then we talked about movies spanning cinema verite and what used to be called cyberspace, as well as a fair share of animals on screen. He was joined by all-star Film Comment editorial colleagues: FC Digital Editor Clinton Krute and Assistant Editor Devika Girish. We discuss films like the Maysles Brothers’ and Charlotte Zwerin’s Salesman, Hong Sangsoo’s Tale of CinemaThe Matrix, Greg Mottola’s The Daytrippers, Mike Nichols’s The Day of the Dolphin, and Roar, as well as, um, Tiger King. Stay safe, and thank you for all of your support.

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