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The Film Comment Podcast: Cannes 2022 #5

On an island: Jordan Cronk and Giovanni Marchini Camia discuss Cannes standouts including Triangle of Sadness, Armageddon Time, and more
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I Can’t Explain

Against interpretation: with its maze-like narrative and nightmare-inducing imagery, David Lynch’s epic Inland Empire is so much more than a puzzle to be solved
Read Adam Nayman’s essay

The Turn of the Screw

Fading light: Gaspar Noé's latest provocation, Vortex, is an unflinching, exhilarating look the ravages of decline and death
Read Molly Haskel’s Essay

The Film Comment Podcast: Cannes 2022 #4

Jackass forever: Inney Prakash and Vadim Rizov join to discuss highlights (and lowlights) from the 2022 edition of the festival

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