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Toronto 2021: Wavelengths

Collective experience: TIFF’s experimental section remains vigorous 2021, with some films firmly rooted in rigorous visuality, and others more intensely personal
Read Ela Bittencourt’s Dispatch

Head in the Clouds

In free fall: Kazik Radwanski’s Anne at 13000 ft lays bare the elusive plight of a woman on the verge
Read Corina Copp’s Essay

The Film Comment Podcast: Spike Lee’s Documentaries

Lest we forget: Amy Taubin and Ina Archer join to discuss the filmmaker's sprawling new NYC Epicenters 9/11→2021½ and more
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The Film Comment Podcast: Toronto 2021

Big picture: Adam Nayman and José Teodoro join to discuss Dune, Spencer, Power of the Dog, and much more

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