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The Film Comment Podcast: Restoration and Preservation

Build back better: Ina Archer and Shivendra Singh Dungarpur join to discuss the technical and philosophical challenges of film preservation
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It Hurts Me Too

Love on the rocks: Both Sides of the Blade is Claire Denis’ latest exploration of the dissonances between body and language—or, as critic Leo Goldsmith puts it, “discourse and meatspace”
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No Business Like Snow Business

Whole lotta shakin’: Elvis is predictably overstuffed, but not even Baz Luhrmann’s blinding glitz can overshadow the singer’s tragic legacy
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The Film Comment Podcast: Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler on NYC's avant-garde

Artists of the light: two greats of the American avant-garde join us for a look back at moviemaking and movie-going in the New York of the early '60s

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