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A Nos Amours

1. A Nos Amours, Maurice Pialat, 1983

Fox and His Friends Rainer Werner Fassbinder

2. Fox and His Friends, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1975

The Tenant Roman Polanski

3. The Tenant, Roman Polanski, 1976

Rules of the Game

4. Rules of the Game, Jean Renoir, 1939

Wanda Barbara Loden

5. Wanda, Barbara Loden, 1970

Playtime Jacques Tati

6. Playtime, Jacques Tati, 1967

The Green Room

7. The Green Room, François Truffaut, 1978

Love Streams John Cassavetes

8. Love Streams, John Cassavetes, 1984

Do the Right Thing Spike Lee

9. Do the Right Thing, Spike Lee, 1989

Foolish Wives Eric Von Stroheim

10. Foolish Wives, Erich von Stroheim, 1922

A New Leaf Elaine May

11. A New Leaf, Elaine May, 1971

Peter Lorre Der Verlorene The Lost One

12. Der Verlorene (The Lost One), Peter Lorre, 1951


13. Reds, Warren Beatty, 1981

Mr. Hulot's Holiday Jacques Tati Les Vacanes de M. Hulot

14. Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, Jacques Tati, 1953

Badlands Terrence Malick

15. Badlands, Terrence Malick, 1974

One-Eyed Jacks

16. One-Eyed Jacks, Marlon Brando, 1961

Tootsie Sydney Pollack

17. Tootsie, Sydney Pollack, 1982


18. Husbands, John Cassavetes, 1970

Buffalo '66 Vincent Gallo

19. Buffalo ’66, Vincent Gallo, 1998

Maidstone Norman Mailer

20. Maidstone, Norman Mailer, 1968

The Apostle Robert Duvall

21. The Apostle, Robert Duvall, 1997

Real Life Albert Brooks

22. Real Life, Albert Brooks, 1979

Waiting for Guffman

23. Waiting for Guffman, Christopher Guest, 1996

Taxi Driver Martin Scorcese

24. Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese, 1976

Three Burial of Melquiades Estrada Tommy Lee Jones

25. The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Tommy Lee Jones, 2005

Schizopolis Steven Soderbergh

26. Schizopolis, Steven Soderbergh, 1996

Mon Oncle Jacques Tati

27. Mon Oncle, Jacques Tati, 1958

Lost In America Albert Brooks

28. Lost in America, Albert Brooks, 1985

Our Lady of the Turks

29. Our Lady of the Turks, Carmelo Bené, 1968

Modern Romance Albert Brooks

30. Modern Romance, Albert Brooks, 1981

Walkower Jerzy Skloimowski

31. Walkower, Jerzy Skolimowski, 1965

Hamlet Laurence Olivier

32. Hamlet, Laurence Olivier, 1948

Opening Night Jon Cassavetes

33. Opening Night, John Cassavetes, 1977

Identification Marks: None

34. Identification Marks: None, Jerzy Skolimowski, 1965


35. Zoolander, Ben Stiller, 2001

Aurora Cristi Puiu

36. Aurora, Cristi Puiu, 2010

Cairo Station Youssef Chahine

37. Cairo Station, Youssef Chahine, 1958

Day for Night François Truffaut

38. Day for Night, François Truffaut, 1973

Testament of Orpheus

39. The Testament of Orpheus, Jean Cocteau, 1960

The Wild Child L'Enfant Sauvage François Truffaut

40. The Wild Child, François Truffaut, 1970

Sling Blade

41. Sling Blade, Billy Bob Thornton, 1996

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me David Lynch cameo

42. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, David Lynch, 1992

Notre musique Jean-Luc Godard

43. Notre musique, Jean-Luc Godard, 2004

Fear Eats the Soul Rainer Werner Fassbinder

44. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1974

Capricci Carmelo Bene

45. Capricci, Carmelo Bené, 1969

Bel Ami

46. Bel Ami, Willi Forst, 1939

The Wedding March Von Stroheim</p>

47. The Wedding March, Erich von Stroheim, 1928

The Alamo

48. The Alamo, John Wayne, 1960


49. Bulworth, Warren Beatty, 1998

Beyond the Law Norman Mailer

50. Beyond the Law, Norman Mailer, 1968