Film Comment connects me to a time when films and filmmakers actually mattered and were treated as being worthy of serious discussion. There’s no other cinema magazine remotely like it. “
—  Steven Soderbergh
Film Comment continues to be one of the best outlets around for serious and dynamic film criticism. “
—  Richard Linklater
” I’ve always been a big movie magazine reader, but the only ones I save are Film Comment. They’re part of my library. “
—  Wes Anderson
Film Comment is by far the best American film magazine, and the only one I read consistently. “
—  Jim Jarmusch
” I love every aspect of motion pictures, and I’m committed to it for life. Film Comment has that same commitment when it comes to writing about motion pictures. “
—  Clint Eastwood

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Because we all need to talk about movies

For over 50 years, Film Comment’s mix of critical essays, interviews, festival coverage, and reviews has kept readers in touch with the state of the art. Now with a new look, new voices, and new columns, Film Comment remains the most respected magazine for serious film lovers.

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