I am a Film Comment supporter. What’s the status of publication?

Film at Lincoln Center is pleased to announce the return of Film Comment with the relaunch of its widely-loved podcast and a brand-new weekly Film Comment Letter—a first step towards bringing the best in film criticism back to the publication’s devoted audience around the world. The announcement follows a months-long hiatus prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the efforts of Film at Lincoln Center, the magazine’s publisher, to ensure the organization’s long-term financial viability. Resuming the publication of Film Comment has long been a priority of the organization and its staff. In the coming months, we’ll continue to expand our efforts. Learn more here.

Will the Film Comment Podcast and the Film Comment Letter be free to access?

Yes. Subscribe to the Film Comment Podcast for free on Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or Stitcher. The Film Comment Letter is a free weekly digital newsletter featuring original film criticism and writing—including the Film Comment Podcast, features, reviews, interviews, streaming picks, news, and more. The Letter launches this spring, and will be delivered directly to subscribers’ inboxes every Thursday before being made available on filmcomment.com the following Monday. Subscribe here.

I am a print or digital subscriber. What is the status of my subscription?

Subscriptions were frozen following the May-June 2020 issue and all subscribers were contacted directly following the news. No subscriptions will be renewed during this period. As the future of Film Comment evolves, all subscribers will continue to be contacted via email with details about our plans. We ask for your patience as we work things out during this unprecedented time, and we hope you will stick with us—we need your support now more than ever. 

Can I still purchase back/archival issues?

Yes. Both print and digital back issues are available for purchase online in the Film Comment Store.

I am a digital app subscriber. What happened to the app?

The app ceased operation as of May 2020, and all downloaded content was disabled. The May-June 2020 issue was published on two digital platforms: the Zinio digital magazine store (which has been a home for the magazine for nearly 10 years) and in full on filmcomment.com.

I am a Film at Lincoln Center Member or Patron. What will happen to my subscription?

Subscriptions were frozen following the May-June issue, and the tax-deductibility on your donation was adjusted accordingly. As the future of Film Comment evolves, all members will continue to be contacted via email with details about our plans. If you have a specific question or concern about how this affects your Film at Lincoln Center membership benefits, please contact your specific membership department (see below), and expect a response within two business days:

I would like to advertise with Film Comment. Whom can I contact?

Advertising opportunities with Film Comment are available. Learn more here.

Can I donate to support the future of Film Comment?

Yes. Donations can be made here by choosing Film Comment on the dropdown menu under “I would like to make a gift for…”.

CONTACT US: If you have additional questions or concerns not covered above: