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March-April 1974

Tehran journal, Alfred Hitchcock by Andrew Sarris, Carl Dreyer by Robin Wood, Abel Gance interview, Marilyn Monroe by Raymond Durgnat, Robert Altman interview, Woody Allen by Leonard Maltin

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London by Richard Roud

Paris by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Tehran by Melinda Ward


Alfred Hitchcock—Prankster of Paradox by Andrew Sarris

Carl Dreyer by Robin Wood

Film as Incantation: an interview with Abel Gance by Steven Kramer and James M. Welch

Mth. Marilyn Monroe by Raymond Durgnat

Howard Hawks: Masculine Feminine by Molly Haskell

Robert Altman interviewed by Jan Dawson

Take Woody Allen—Please! by Leonard Maltin

Lewis Milestone—Action! by Otis Ferguson

The Griffith Tradition by John Dorr


William K. Everson by James Monaco

Sergio Leone by Dick Jameson

The Most Erotic Moment in the History of the Cinema by Robin Wood


Harry Alan Potamkin by Dudley Andrew


Theory Of Film Practice by Noel Burch, reviewed by Noel Carroll

Dianying: An Account of Films and the Film Audience in China by Jay Leyda, reviewed by Bill Nichols


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