As you may have noticed, things look a little different around here.

In addition to the spiffy new design, Film Comment is keeping you supplied with new, daily posts covering the latest in international, experimental, and repertory cinema. Now you can get your fix every weekday with quality film criticism, trenchant reviews, engaging interviews, reports on festivals and events, pictorial and video essays, and, yes, lists. And we’re not stopping there: Film Comment is also expanding its digital presence to Tumblr and YouTube in addition to Twitter and Facebook. If you’re so inclined, please follow, reblog, and/or like us as the mood hits you.

Don’t miss our astounding online project: a crowd-sourced survey of Unproduced and Unfinished Film Projects (A through K here, L through Z here). This work-in-progress of historic importance will be your reference for the lost films that almost made it to the big screen… but didn’t. We’ll be updating the list whenever we get a new scoop, and readers are invited to send info on all the un-films we missed. So welcome to the enhanced Film Comment online—your life won’t be complete without it.