As the dog days of summer loom, we’ve been pining for the crisp, air-conditioned darkness of the cinema. Fortunately, as theaters across the country have begun to reopen, seeing a favorite old movie in the dark, with other people, is no longer a distant dream.

For this week’s podcast, FC Co-Deputy Editor Clinton Krute sat down with two programmers and writers, Abby Sun and Steve Macfarlane, for a wide-ranging conversation about the current repertory landscape—about what’s changed over the past year, for the better and for the worse, and where things might be headed in the near future. They discuss the rapid evolution and proliferation of virtual repertory offerings during the pandemic, as well as the latest Flaherty Seminar and several choice offerings at Film Forum and elsewhere.

Links & Things:

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The 66th Flaherty Film Seminar
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Films by Grace Passô available on her Instagram
In Dialogue: Luke Fowler and Morgan Quaintance at the Open City Documentary Festival
“It’s a Dangerous Day: Films from the Arsenal” at MoMA
Bix (Brigitte Berman, 1981) at Film Forum
Bogart at Film Forum