In more normal times, this week’s podcast might have been a Rep Report, reviewing some of the riches screening in New York’s art-house theaters. I’ve spent more happy hours than I could possibly count at those theaters, with certain years defined by landmark retrospectives and rare screenings of one sort or another. Film Comment has been lucky to count many of the programmers at these theaters as contributors to the magazine and the podcast. And so for our latest episode, FC Editor-in-Chief Nicolas Rapold checks in with two keepers of the flame: Eric Hynes, curator at Museum of the Moving Image, and writer of our Make It Real column on nonfiction; and Ashley Clark, director of film programming at BAM in Brooklyn. The three talk about steering theaters through this difficult time, and the movies and the 25-year-old baseball games that have kept them in good spirits. They also discuss Sonatine, Wildwood NJBeautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend, Boyfriends and Girlfriends, Murder by Contract, Lady Snowblood, and Bamboozled. And fair warning: there is talk of Tron.

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