Recent episodes of The Film Comment Podcast have contemplated formative filmmaker obsessions, but what about the movies that struck us much earlier in life? Maybe your parents took you to see it, maybe you flipped by it on cable and couldn’t change the channel, or maybe you had a traumatic brush with the body horror of The Blob too early in life…whatever it is, we revisit our childhood fascinations on this week’s episode, giving us an occasion to reflect on how our tastes and critical faculties might begin to form at a young age, as well as what happens when beloved films may not withstand the test of time. FC Digital Producer Violet Lucca is joined by K. Austin Collins, staff writer for The Ringer; Nicholas Elliott, U.S. correspondent for Cahiers du Cinéma; and Mark Harris, regular contributor to Vulture and the author of FC’s 2017 column “Cinema ‘67 Revisited.”