Betty Boop for President

Until the production code put a damper on her “be-doop” (not to mention lowering her hemline and putting an end to the ogling and groping that were a standard feature of her vehicles), Betty Boop was the sexiest toon of her era, appearing in some of the funniest and most inventive cartoons ever produced by a major animation studio. The 12 selections on this collection, remastered from 4K scans of high-quality source material, certainly look good, and it’s great that titles such as Chess Nuts (32) and Betty Boop’s Bamboo Isle (32) are finally available on Blu-ray. But instead of proceeding in a chronological fashion or making a better effort to deliver a collection that is more deserving of the description “essential,” Olive obviously prioritized those titles not in the public domain. And why not go the extra step and include the original Paramount logo on each film?