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September-October 1997

Lee Tamahori’s The Edge, Frank Borzage, Errol Morris, Gloria Grahame, Contempt, Chen Kaige, Emir Kusturica, Boogie Nights, Fred Zinneman, Gummo

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The Delta 
By David Ansen
September/October selection for most promising directorial debut

Boogie Nights
By Chuck Stephens
Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights and Diggler Days

By Dave Kehr
Gods in the Details

Lee Tamahori
By Kathleen Murphy
Civilization and its discontents

Frank Borzage
By Kent Jones
The sanctum sanctorum of love

Emir Kusturica
By Katherine Dieckmann
When Kusturica was away on business

By Donald Chase
In praise of the naughty mind

Fred ZinnemanN
By Robert Horton
Day of the craftsman

Errol Morris
By Chris Chang
Planet of the apes

Chen Kaige
By Alvin Lu
Lost generation

By Paul Arthur
Tom and Huck go to hell