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September-October 1975

Kon Ichikawa, samurai films, on the set of Hitchcock's Family Plot, Sydney Pollack interview, François Truffaut's Story of Adele H., the Maysles's Grey Gardens, Miklós Jancsó’s Electra, George Stevens, Jr. intervew

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Los Angeles by Stephen Farber

London by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Cannes by Mary Corliss

Annecy by Leonard Maltin

Postwar Japanese Cinema

By Alain Silver

Kon Ichikawa
By William Johnson

Hitchcock’s Family Plot
Andrew Meyer on the set

Interview: Sydney Pollack
By Patricia Erens

Against Conclusions
By Robin Wood


Media: Shooting Minutemen on Split Screens by Stuart Byron

Film Square vs. Movie Hip by Stuart Byron

Television by Renée Epstein

N.Y. Film Festival Preview

Exhibition by Richard Corliss

Story of Adele H. by Richard Roud

Grey Gardens by Charles Michener

Independents by Amos Vogel

Ford’s War Documentaries
By Tag Gallagher

Working Class Films
The Waitress as Goddess
By Tom Reck

Miklós Jancsó’s Electra
Style as Subject
By Graham Petrie

Frank Mouris
By Michael Kerbel

Interview: George Stevens, Jr.
Inside the AFI
By Austin Lamont


Sexual Alienation in the Cinema by Raymond Durgnat, reviewed by Greg Palokane

Assorted film bibliographies reviewed by Richard Koszarski

Kuleshov on Film edited and translated by Ronald Levaco, reviewed by Stuart Liebman