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November-December 2018

Alice Rohrwacher’s Happy as Lazzaro, Barry Jenkins & If Beale Street Could Talk, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Shoplifters, Willem Dafoe and Leigh Ledare interviews, Jean-Paul Belmondo vs. Alain Delon, Jacques Tourneur

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Happy as Lazzaro 
By Manu Yáñez Murillo
Alice Rohrwacher bends, breaks, and rewrites the rules in her time-denying, gently political films, and her new movie is her most splendidly nonconformist saga yet

If Beale Street Could Talk
By Nick Davis
Barry Jenkins finds uncommon cinematic grace and beauty in his adaptation of James Baldwin’s 1974 novel of love and pain

By Aliza Ma
Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Palme d’Or–winning film is the latest—and perhaps most moving—in his long line of dramas that interrogate the meaning of family

Willem Dafoe
By Amy Taubin
On the occasion of his aching performance as Vincent van Gogh in At Eternity’s Gate, the actor looks back on a career of inhabiting wildly different creatures

Leigh Ledare 
By Eric Hynes
Who are we? Why are we here? Rarely have these questions felt so literal as in the purposefully frustrating new documentary The Task. Its elusive director tries to (not) respond

Belmondo vs. Delon
By Julien Allen
The symbiotic love-hate relationship of two French icons over the decades has made them inseparable, even in each other’s eyes

Jacques Tourneur
By Nick Pinkerton
Though the Cat People director is remembered for cloaking his cinema in exquisite shadow, his career was about more than night


THE PRE-SHOW | News, views, conversations, and other things to get worked up about
News, Inspired: Barry Jenkins on If Beale Street Could Talk, Release Me: Beatriz Seigner’s Los Silencios by Nicolas Rapold, Peevish, Directions: Claude Lanzmann by Eric Hynes, Restoration Row: Tomu Uchida’s The Mad Fox aka Love, They Name Be Sorrow by Max Nelson

Critics rate and comment on new releases

MAKE IT REALThe wide, wide world of cinematic nonfiction
Doc giants take on the world’s giants by Eric Hynes

ART AND CRAFTFilmmaking according to the makers
Actor Alfredo Castro by José Teodoro

FINEST HOUROne actor, one performance
Jeanne Moreau in Moderato Cantabile by Madeline Whittle

SCARE TACTICS | The pleasures of cinematic horror
Suspiria vs. Suspiria by Maitland McDonagh

PLAYING ALONG | Music and the movies
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Michael Koresky

CURRENTS | New and important work plucked from festivals and elsewhere
Phuttiphong Aroonpheng’s Manta Ray and Federico Veiroj’s Belmonte by Jordan Cronk, Caroline Poggi & Jonathan Vinel’s Jessica Forever and Pema Tseden’s Jinpa by Nicolas Rapold, Dora García’s Second Time Around and Kim Bora’s House of Hummingbird by Abby Sun

THE BIG SCREEN | Reviews of notable new films opening in theaters (hopefully near you)
Lead Reviews: The Other Side of the Wind by Nick Pinkerton, The Favourite by Molly Haskell, Tyrel by Christina Newland, Border by Devika Girish, Cold War by Ela Bittencourt

Short Takes: Widows by Tatiana Craine, A Bread Factory by Steven Mears, Green Book by Nicolas Rapold, Bodied by Jeff Reichert, Vox Lux by Tyler Wilson, Destroyer by Nick Davis

HOME MOVIES | Cinema spun, streamed, and beamed
The Owls Legacy by Nicholas Elliott, AsianCrush streaming service by Devika Girish, The Adventures of Hajji Baba by Steven Mears, Apostle by Margaret Barton-Fumo, Life in Shadows (Vida en sombras) by Manu Yáñez Murillo, Nightcleaners by Thomas Beard, Panique by Yonca Talu, True Stories by Laura Kern, Wish List: Judas Kiss by Laura Kern
Plus: 20 discs to watch and 20 titles to stream

READINGS | Books about all aspects of filmmaking and film culture
Rod Serling: His Life, Work, and Imagination by Nicholas Parisi, reviewed by Glenn Kenny; Seduction: Sex, Lies, and Stardom in Howard Hughes’s Hollywood by Karina Longworth, reviewed by Carrie Rickey; Auteur Theory and My Son John by James Morrison, reviewed by Nick Pinkerton

GRAPHIC DETAIL | The art of the movie poster
Keiko Kimura by Adrian Curry