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May-June 1990

Roger Ebert versus Richard Corliss, Peter Greenaway interviewed, midsection on Michael Powell, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Raul Ruiz’s The Golden BoatLongtime Companion, Kid ’n Play interviewed

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By Harlan Kennedy, Gordon Hitchens, Sean Dash
Berlin, Czechoslovakia, the Americans, and all that freedom

In Memory of My Feelings
By Don Shewey
Living with Longtime Companion

A Cottage at Palos Verdes
By David Thomson
Robert Siodmak’s—and everybody else’s—Criss Cross

Room with a View
By Molly Haskell
Complicity in a Gallic glance: Monsieur Hire

Michael Powell (1905–1990)

A personal remembrance
By David Thomson

Prisoner in a “quota quickie” factory
By Raymond Durgnat

Seven Powell beauties, well met by arc-light
By Peter Hogue, Andrew Sarris, Greg Olson, Robert Horton, Henry Sheehan, Sheila Benson, Janice Findley

All Stars
Part Two of our series on the state of film criticism
By Roger Ebert with a response by Richard Corliss

Food for Thought
Peter (Cook, Thief, Wife, Lover) Greenaway interviewed By Gavin Smith

By Dave Kehr
Henry, portrait of an underground masterpiece

Raul Ruiz in Gotham
By Judith Shulevitz
On top of The Golden Boat

They Gotta Have It
The House Partying Hudlins interviewed By Marlaine Glicksman

Growing Up Absurd
By Robert Horton
Michael Dinner’s wonder years

Side Roads
By William Boddy
PBS’s “festival of nonfiction film”