This week, Film Comment co-editors Clinton Krute and Devika Girish sit down with Steven Soderbergh, whose latest, KIMI, premiered on HBO Max last week. The film follows an agoraphobic tech worker (played by Zoë Kravitz) as she uncovers evidence of a crime and becomes ensnared in an increasingly deadly corporate conspiracy. Though KIMI takes narrative and aesthetic cues from paranoid classics like Rear WindowThe Conversation, and Blow-Up, Soderbergh’s typically sleek, imaginative thriller is also utterly contemporary, capturing a world where the twin threats of COVID and surveillance have become part of the fabric of our everyday lives.

Clint and Devika chatted with the director at length about his productive pandemic, his collaboration with screenwriter David Koepp, how Big Tech can make bad ideas even worse, and much more. They also got a little insight into Steven’s next project: Magic Mike’s Last Dance.