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Summer 1970

Special issue on film in Sweden, Ingmar Bergman on his filmmaking process, Greta Garbo, Duet for Cannibals, Victor Sjostrom

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FILM COMMENT thanks the Swedish Film Institute and the Swedish Institute for Cultural Relations for financial assistance making possible this special issue on Swedish cinema. Our special thanks go also to John Reilly, who went to Sweden to gather the materials published herein. Reilly was formerly a film / television instructor at the New York Institute of Technology and at Jersey City State College, is now co-director of The Global Village, in New York. FILM COMMENT is particularly proud to offer readers this special issue of articles, as our tribute to Sweden’s film heritage.

Goodbye to the Readers of Film Comment
By Gordon Hitchens

My Three Powerfully Effective Commandments
By Ingmar Bergman

The Snakeskin
By Ingmar Bergman

Biography of Ingmar Bergman

Bibliography of Ingmar Bergman

Swedish Films at Sorrento
By Peter Cowie

Greta Garbo’s Secret
By Carl-Eric Nordberg

Export or Die
By Frederic Fleischer

The Young Swedish Cinema in Relation to Swedish Film Tradition
By Rune Waldekranz

Duet for Cannibals
By Kirk Bond

As I Remember . . .
By Victor Sjostrom

New Film Against Vietnam War From New York University Students
By Dinitia Smith