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Summer 1962

New American Cinema, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Flaherty Film Seminar, nudity in film, José Luis Font interview, Mary Ellen Bute, racial stereotypes in film, East German film

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Operation Narqo: a work in Progress
By Lionel Ziprin

The Film Festival at Karlovy Vary
By Edith Laurie
New cinematic vitality amidst old Czech grandeur

Back to the Greeks
By Harry Feldman
The Museum of Modern Art’s Un-Symposium on The New American Un-Cinema

The Eighth Flaherty Film Seminar
By Gordon Hitchens

By David Moller
Too much flesh a bore, a researcher declares

Towards an Abstract Cinema? Not Yet
By John Craddock
The New American Cinema is remarkable mainly for its lack of originality

An Interview with José Luis Font
By Jon Katz
“The man is only the signification of someone inside his time”

A Film Society Takes Root in Chapel Hill
By Maggie Dent
Coming of Age in Darkest North Carolina

Demonstration and Discussion
By Maxine Haleff
Proliferating technical complexities in the film medium

Special Section: Mary Ellen Bute

Beyond Audio Visual Space
By Gregory Markopoulos
A short study of the films of Mary Ellen Bute

Actuality and Abstraction
By Mary Batten
The cinematic use of scientific machines

The Defa Studio for Animated Films
By Stewart Wilensky

Stereotypes of Negroes in Film
By Robert Williams
Film characterizations giving false notions of human behavior

Recurrent Themes in East German Film
By Gordon Hitchens
“Not only our right but our duty”

Whither the Charles?
By Joseph Blanco
A tough man with an unbroken heart