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Spring 1969

Film in China, Uzbek documentaries, the works of and interview with Susumu Hani, Vietnam War films and documentary photography

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Destroyed American Film Collection in Florence Italy

Film in China
By Mark J. Scher

Documentary in Uzbekistan
By Malik Kayumov

Susumu Hani
Interviewed by James Blue

Hani Filmography

Films in Vietnam

USIS Film Officer
Interviewed by Film Comment

U.S. Government Films on the Vietnamese War

Films from North Vietnam and the N.L.F.

Filmmaking Under the Bomb
A Discussion with Filmmakers from North Vietnam and from the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam
By Gordon Hitchens

Newsreel and Documentary Photography in North Vietnam
By Ma Van Cuong

Book Reviews

Censorship of the Movies: The Social and Political Control of a Mass Medium by Richard S. Randall
Reviewed by Robert Steele

The Private Eye, The Cowboy and the Very Naked Girl: From Cleo to Clyde by Judith Crist
Reviewed by Robert Steele

The Golden Web—A History of Broadcasting in the U.S., 1933-1953 by Eric Barnouw
Reviewed by Richard J. Meyer