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September-October 1976

Cannes 1976, Alan J. Pakula interview, Rivette's DuelleIn the Realm of the SensesThe Marquise of O, François Truffaut interview, Bernard Herrmann, Satyajit Ray interview

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Festival Journals
By Mary Corliss

By Richard Roud

By Brooks Riley

Alan J. Pakula
The Pakula Parallax
By Richard T. Jameson

Pakula on All the President’s Men
Interviewed by Richard Thompson

Banking on Movies
Stuart Byron assesses film financing

Patrick McGilligan interviews two Back Bay Bankers

Rivette & Cie.
First Thoughts on Duelle
by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Eduardo de Gregorio on Sail
Interviewed by Jan Dawson

Midsection: Independents

Amos Vogel Compiles a Structuralist Dope Sheet

N.Y. Film Festival Preview:

Charles Michener on The Marquise of O

Tony Rayns on In the Realm of the Senses

Television: Roger Ebert on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

The Industry: Stuart Byron Comes to Terms With a Textbook

François Truffaut
Interviewed by Joseph McBride and Todd McCarthy

John Ford
The Grapes of Wrath: A Visual Analysis
By Janey Place

Satyajit Ray
Interviewed by John Hughes

Bernard Herrmann
Music of the Fears
By John Broeck

Roger Copeland on James Monaco’s The New Wave

Stuart Liebman on Standish Lawder’s The Cuban Cinema

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