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November-December 1997

Robert Duvall interviewed, features on Jack Smith, Kiss Me Deadly, My Best Friend's Wedding, Aleksandr Sokurov, L.A. Confidential, Godard and the Situationists, Film Blanc, and coverage of the 1997 Venice, Toronto, and New York Film Festivals

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Robert Duvall interviewed by Gavin Smith

Kiss Me Deadly  by David Thomson

My Best Friend’s Wedding by Andrew Sarris

Aleksandr Sokurov by Paul Schrader

Coverage of Venice Film Festival by Harlan Kennedy; Toronto Film Festival by Kathleen Murphy; New York Film Festival by Robert Horton, Phillip Lopate, Donald Lyons

L.A. Confidential by Donald Lyons

Sandrine Veysset’s Will It Snow by Chris Darke

The lost films of Jack Smith by J. Hoberman

Godard meets the Situationists by Brian Price

Film blanc by William Johnson

David Putnam’s The Undeclared War: The Struggle for Control of the World’s Film Industryby Steven Bach

Gustavo Mosquera’s Moebius by Nathaniel Moss