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November-December 1975

Rainer Werner Fassbinder interviewed, Fassbinder on Sirk, 1975 New York Film Festival reviews, new cinema in Eastern Europe, Ken Russell, Marguerite Duras interviewed

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Telluride by Elliott Stein

Reflections in a Broken Glass
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
by Manny Farber and Patricia Patterson

Fist-Right of Freedom
by Roger Greenspun

Why Herr R. Ran Amok
by John Hughes

Fassbinder interview
by John Hughes and Brooks Riley

Douglas Sirk
Melo Maestro
by James McCourt

Fassbinder on Sirk

New Cinema at Edinburgh
by Robin Wood

The Industry: Wayne Kabak on Four-Walling
New York Film Festival: reviewed by Manny Farber and Patricia Patterson
New York Film Festival: reviewed by Elliott Stein
Television: Richard Corliss on Media Kidnappings
Independents: Amos Vogel on Ethnographic Films

Ken Russell
by Stephen Farber

New Cinema in Eastern Europe
by Graham Petrie

Marguerite Duras
interviewed by Jan Dawson

Gerald Weales on the Pyramid movie series

a column by Richard T. Jameson

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