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November-December 1974

Special section on film noir actors, writers, directors, Fritz Lang, and more; Setsuko Hara, John Calley interview, Alexander Kluge interview, Max Ophul's Letter from an Unknown Woman and La signora di tutti

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L.A. by Stephen Farber

Paris-London by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Film Noir

The Family Tree of Film Noir by Raymond Durgnat

The Society: Violence and the Bitch Goddess by Stephen Farber

The Director: Fritz Lang’s American Nightmare by Alfred Appel, Jr.

The Writer: Raymond Chandler and the World You Live In by Paul Jensen

The Actor: Villains and Victims by Mitchell S. Cohen

Today: Son of Noir by Richard T. Jameson


People We Like: Setsuko Hara by Stephen Harvey

The Industry: Why a Film Flops by Nat Segaloff

Independents: Amos Vogel on Parker Tyler

New York Film Festival: reviewed by Richard Koszarski and William Johnson

Tsimmes at Telluride by Peter Nellhaus

The Editorial Eye by Richard Corliss

John Calley Interview
By Stuart Byron

Two Films by Max Ophuls

Andrew Sarris on La signora di tutti
Roger Greenspun on Letter from an Unknown Woman

The Invisible Indivisible Man
Alexander Kluge Interview
By Jan Dawson


Film Language : A Semiotics of the Cinema reviewed by Noel Carroll

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