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March-April 2011

Includes Scott Foundas on Serge Bozon and Co., Michael Koresky on Insidious, reviews of Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Uncle Kent, and Cedar Rapids. Plus, Meek's Cutoff, Juliette Binoche, Sidney Poitier, and Susanne Bier

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Susanne Bier
By Louise Kidde Sauntved
The Danish director adds In a Better World to her portfolio of intimate disaster movies

By Michael Koresky
Saw director James Wan turns a haunted-house movie inside out and returns to his indie roots

Meek’s Cutoff
By Richard Combs
Kelly Reichardt goes West in her latest road movie

Sidney Poitier
By Stanley Crouch
A charismatic icon’s starring role in the transformation of postwar America

Juliette Binoche
By Joan Dupont
The star of Certified Copy explains why she no longer confuses acting and life

Serge Bozon & Co.
By Scott Foundas
France’s latest generation of ex-critic auteurs doesn’t need to make waves

Nostalgia for the Light
By Nicolas Rapold
Patricio Guzmán sifts through Chile’s tragic past with one eye on the stars

The 36th Annual Grosses Gloss
By Donald Wilson
From the biggest studio to the smallest indie, the 2010 box-office lowdown in full

Twilight of the Projectionists
By Edward E. Crouse
The sun sets on the projection booth’s maestros as technological progress marches on


News, Hot Property: Huang Weikai’s Disorder, Alex Cox’s 10,000 Ways to Die: Raoul Walsh’s The Big Trail, Site Specifics: Star Wars Uncut, Larry Fessenden’s Guilty Pleasures,  Trivial Top 20®: Best Last Films

Reader’s Poll
An Extended List of Your Best Films of 2010—and Your Comments

Sound & Vision 
Sophie Fiennes by Chris Chang and Pierre Huyghe by Jesse P. Finnegan

Stanley Donen’s Movie Movie by Steve Erickson

The Accidental Auteurist
François Ozon’s Potiche by Andrew Sarris

Rotterdam by Gavin Smith and Robert Koehler; Sundance by Amy Taubin and Laura Kern

The Princess of Montpensier by Gary Giddins, Le Quattro volte by Nicole Armour, The Arbor by Nicolas Rapold, Cedar Rapids by Violet Lucca, Uncle Kent by Dan Sullivan, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives by Chuck Stephens

Short Takes
Blank City by Chris Chang, The Conspirator by Laura Kern, The Double Hour by Laura Kern, Hanna by Chris Chang, My Perestroika by Nicolas Rapold, To Die Like a Man by Nicolas Rapold

Home Movies
Basil Dearden’s London Underground by Brynn White

Nico Baumbach on Opening Bazin: Postwar Film Theory and Its Afterlife

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