March/April 1998

John Grisham adaptations, FireworksDeconstructing Harry, Elmore Leonard, AmistadAffliction, Guy Maddin, Denzel Washington, the Grosses Gloss, and Sundance coverage

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Takeshi Kitano’s Fireworks by Dave Kehr

Eileen Whitfield’s Mary Pickford: The Woman Who Made Hollywood by Richard Corliss

Deconstructing Harry by David Thomson

Titanic vs. Jackie Brown by Kent Jones

Elmore Leonard by Patrick McGilligan

1998 Oscar Predictions

Amistad by Armond White

Coverage of the Sundance Film Festival by Gavin Smith and Rachel Rosen

Affliction by Kent Jones

Kate Winslet by Nicholas Nicastro

Guy Maddin by John Anderson

Grosses Gloss by Jeffrey Spaudling

Denzel Washington by Leslie Simon

John Grisham by Mark Olsen