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March-April 1995

Sundance 1995, special section on Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, glasnost cinema, Robert Zemeckis, Colin Low and Wolf Koenig's City of Gold, Barbet Schroeder interview, Charley Chase, Mikhail Kalatozov's I am Cuba

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To the New York Film Critics Circle
By Jean Luc-Godard

Oscar Predix

Sundance 1995
By Gavin Smith

The Movies Begin
By Richard Koszarki and Peter Hogue

Powell and Pressburger
The Battle of the River Plate by Richard Combs
The Tales of Hoffman by Amy Greenfield
A Canterbury Tale by Graham Fuller
Ill Met By Moonlight by Peter Richards

Glasnost Cinema
By Ian Christie

Robert Zemeckis
By David Kehr

City of Gold
By John C. Tibbetts

20th Annual Grosses Gloss
By Anne Thompson

Barbet Schroeder
Profile and interview by Gavin Smith

Charley Chase
By Peter Hogue

Books: Robert Evans
By Steven Bach

I Am Cuba
By Dale Thomajan

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