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March-April 1990

Richard Corliss on the state of film criticism, special midsection on Jimmy Stewart, Jeanne Moreau interviewed, James Toback’s The Big BangTwin Peaks, Jennifer Jason Leigh interviewed, Ten Apocryphal Hollywood Tales

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Oscar Predix
Fearless forecasts of the 62nd Academy Awards

Better Best Westerns
By David Thomson
Of the West as well as Westerns: why they don’t make ‘em like they used to, and what they got wrong when they did

By Peter Hogue
David Thomson’s new novel reviewed

All Thumbs
By Richard Corliss
The man who made FILM COMMENT asks: Is there a future for film criticism?

La Lumiere

The immortal story: Jeanne Moreau
By Molly Haskell

The great French actress interviewed
By Andréa R. Vaucher

James Stewart
By Andrew Sarris
Jimmy Stewart over the long haul

Small-Town Guy
The family hardware store and the studio system, Hank Fonda and Alfred Hitchcock, the Martin Bomber and the Spirit of St. Louis: James Stewart interviewed By Michael Wilmington

Lasso the Moon
By Kathleen Murphy
Hearthfires and holocausts: Jimmy Stewart in love

Mann & Stewart
By Robert Horton
From Winchester ‘73 to The Man from Laramie—one of the most remarkable director-star collaborations in cinema

Midnight Heart
Jennifer Jason Leigh interviewed By Gavin Smith

The 15th Annual ‘Grosses Gloss’
By Anne Thompson
Winners, losers, and nonstarters at the 1989 box office

‘Ready When You Are, Mr. Ulmer!’
By Dale Thomajan
Ten apocryphal Hollywood tales

Stardust Memories
By Kathleen Murphy
Love and death and James Tobacks’ The Big Bang

Evergreen Velvet
By Richard T. Jameson
David Lynch comes to network television, surprisingly intact