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March-April 1978

Woody Allen, Jane Fonda, An Unmarried Woman, Paul Mazursky interviewed, Gerard Depardieu, sci-fi in the Seventies, Blonde Venus, Charlie Chaplin, Howard Hawks, George Cukor, Bette Davis

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The Avant-Garde Circus
“One man, one film” was Frank Capra’s motto; but as a Hollywood director, he could never live up to it. The avant-garde filmmaker does; he must. He’s his own cameraman and soundman, distributor and publicist, critic and biographer. He earns most of his film-related income by going on the road with his films, exhibiting them and answering questions. Mitch Tuchman profiles the Avant-Garde Traveling Circus & Movie Kings—from Brakhage to Baillie to Breer, from the Mekas Brothers to the Kuchar Brothers. It’s not an easy life, and there are no big bucks. But when it’s really “one man, one film” at least you know you’re your own man.

Depardieu: French Primitive
Gérard Depardieu has fascinated moviegoers with the range and power of his acting in Going Places, The Wonderful Crook, The Last Woman, and 1900. But his greatest role is surely in ‘The Gérard Depardieu Story,’ a tragicomic tale of self-love, early poverty, petty crime, casual rape, and an almost happy ending. Harry Stein reports on the Depardieu legend; Molly Haskell defends the actor and man.

A Mazursky ‘Woman’
Paul Mazursky is the lyric poet of the middle class: its ordinary dreams, its off-the-kitchen-wall humor. An Unmarried Woman is Mazursky’s new film; Roger Ebert reviews it. Terry Curtis Fox talks with Mazursky about the “inner journeys” of his films.

Midsection: Milestones
Nothing is certain in the film world but death and retrospectives. This issue’s Midsection presents tributes to four consummate movie artists. Richard Corliss recalls Charlie Chaplin’s unique impact and accomplishments. Howard Hawks is remembered by friend and critic Joseph McBride. George Cukor, to be honored at this year’s Film Society of Lincoln Center gala, is saluted by Andrew Sarris. And Bette Davis, the young lady in the picture, who is 70 this April 5, gets birthday wishes from James McCourt.

Jan Dawson on the troubled British cinema. Gilbert Adair on the new Straub.

Perelman on Woody Allen
A tribute from our greatest lit. wit to the writer-director-actor of Annie Hall.

Sci Fi Hits the Big Time
As the literature becomes sophisticated and skeptical, movies like Star Wars seek to recapture our Saturday-matinee innocence. By Carlos Clarens.

Fonda, Jane
Tracy Young follows Our Heroine’s career from perky deb to Vadim bimbo to Hanoi Jane to Coming Home.

Venus de Marlene
Looked at today, Blonde Venus presents a fascinating structure: a cage for the Thirties woman. By Robin Wood.

Durgnat vs. Paul
Last round in the Great Hawks Debate.

Richard Koszarski on life at the Big U.

Stuart Byron on ’77’s hits and flops.

How to finance your own hard-hitting documentary film. By Amos Vogel.

Back Talk
Welles goes to Xanadu. The morning line on the Oscars. The last word on the Begelman affair. By Stuart Byron.

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