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March-April 1975

Features on Old Hollywood and New Hollywood, The Scarlett EmpressThe Merry WidowOn Dangerous GroundKiss Me Deadly, Paul Mazursky, Martin Scorsese interviewed, Mel Brooks interviewed; midsection on the personal documentary, film in pre-revolutionary Russia, movie costumes, and TV movies

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Old Hollywood and New Hollywood

The Scarlett Empress by Robin Wood

The Merry Widow by Nancy Schwartz

Producer John Houseman interviewed by Stephen Handzo

On Dangerous Ground by George Morris

Kiss Me Deadly by Alain Silver

Paul Mazursky by Richard Corliss

Martin Scorsese interviewed by Marjorie Rosen

Screenwriters Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck interviewed by Madeline Warren and Robert A. Levine

Mel Brooks interviewed by Jacoba Atlas


The personal documentary by Amos Vogel

Film in pre-revolutionary Russia by David Rosenbaum

Movie costumes by Marjorie Rosen

TV movies by Nancy Schwartz

TV movie directors by Richard Corliss


Los Angeles by Stephen Farber

Knokke by Richard Roud


Visionary Film by P. Adams Sitney, reviewed by Wanda Bershein; The Hollywood Professionals, Volume 3: Hawks, Borzage, Ulmer by John Belton, reviewed by Robin Wood; Revolutionary Soviet Film Posters by Mildred Constantine and Alan Fern, reviewed by Stuart Liebman