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July-August 1992

Cannes at 45, Samuel Fuller's The Big Red One, Sigourney Weaver and Alien3, Rock Hudson and Swoon, Christopher Münch's The Hours and Times, Robert Mitchum interviewed, Jane Russell interviewed, Chen Kaige, aviation movies, Christopher Walken interviewed, Phillip Noyce interviewed

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Midlife Crises
Cannes at 45 (more or less)
By Mary Corliss and Harlan Kennedy

‘We don’t murder, we kill’
Samuel Fuller’s no-man’s-land in The Big Red One
By Donald Lyons

The Last Temptation of Sigourney Weaver
What’s at stake in Alien, Aliens, and now Alien3
By Kathleen Murphy

Outing the Past
Swoon cops a plea; Rock Hudson doesn’t
By Armond White

Love in the Afternoon
Savoring The Hours and Times
By Thomas Beller
plus Christopher Münch on hotel rooms and other ephemera
By Robert Horton

Mitchum & Russell
She was his kind of woman. He had the smoothest moves from here to Macao. Both have grand stories to tell
By Harlan Kennedy and Gerald Peary

The Long Way Home
Chen Kaige is one of China’s foremost filmmakers. If only China could see his films
By Godfrey Cheshire

Legion of the Lost Genre
A meditation on the pain, power, and poetry of the aviation movie; with an honor roll of the genre’s aces and a note on a lost all-star classic
By Peter Hogue

Beyond-the-Pale Riders
Making Westerns for the Nineties
By Anne Thompson

Out There on a Visit
Talking funny, playing with guns, and Robert De Niro’s three little moves. Christopher Walken interviewed
By Gavin Smith

Spielberg II
Concluding a career assessment that finds the director an artist for always
By Henry Sheehan

Noyce’s On
From the crest of the Aussie New Wave to Hollywood’s big-budget summer games—Patriot Games, that is—Phillip Noyce’s motto remains: ‘Make a film!’
Interviewed by Jim Emerson

The Best High School Movie
On Henry King’s Margie: from a delightful new book
By Dale Thomajan