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July-August 1986

Special midsection on exploitation films; Dr. Ruth fold-out; interview with Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams and David Zucker; Tobe Hooper and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2; Alex Cox's Sid and Nancy, Troma Films

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‘Saw’ Thru
L.M. Kit Carson serves up Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper as the main course then spoons out script excerpts from the sequel for dessert

Yankee Doodle Diary
Pat McGilligan chronicles the sad, last days of a Hell’s Kitchen kid who lived the dream, then got eaten up in a nightmare

They took off in Airplane!, then became Top Secret! Now Jack Barth asks ZAZ (Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams and David Zucker) if they mean to sail or sell out

Midsection: That’s Exploitation

Wages of Sin
David Chute and Kevin Allman interview David F. Friedman, the schlockmeister of sex, sin, spurts and splashes, the king of swing, the sultan of sweat, and the emperor of “I Scream!”

By Marcia Pally
The most respected sex therapist (200 million closet clients!) and bubbie of her day, Dr. Ruth stars in Daniel Vigne’s new movie…and becomes our first foldout heart throb

Jimmy McDonough careens down the road that led from softcore sexploitationeers to the hardballin’ hardcore genre

Jail Birds
Mike Wilkins surveys all those women in prison, girls in gangs, and schoolgirls in the showers films that caused car crashes on two-lane blacktops everywhere.

Press Releases from the Twilght Zone


Out of This World
Robert Seidenberg recalls the man who inspired Alex Cox’s Sid and Nancy

Weaver, the Woman
Harlan Kennedy recounts on set experiences from Alien

Robots, the Men
Stephen Schaefer laments the days when robots were robots


Guilty Pleasures: Joe Bob Briggs, jim morton, & harry medved
The man’s wild: fired from the Dallas Times Herald for bashing “We Are the World,” Joe Bob Briggs retreats to the drive-in and tells ya the score

Industry: Tromatized
Troma, the new home of the barf (Splatter U) pic, knows no shame. Bill Landis tells why.

Books: Schlock d’Oeuvres
Richard Gehr on Incredibly Strange Films