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July-August 1976

Billy Wilder, John Milius interviewed, Pat O'Neill, CBS on PBS, Maurice Tourneur, King Vidor, film noir, Arthur Penn interviewed, The Missouri Breaks, British cinema

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London & New York By Jonathan Rosenbaum
Australia By Jan Dawson

Guest Column
Justice Is Blind—And Dirty-Minded
by Brendan Gill

Billy Wilder
by Andrew Sarris

John Milius
interviewed by Richard Thompson

Three Blue Birds
Maurice Tourneur, Shirley Temple, and Elizabeth Taylor
by Tag Gallagher

Pat O’Neill
California Dreamer of the New Cinema
by Mitch Tuchman

The Industry: Stuart Byron on Ken Kesey’s Martyr Complex
Television: Robert Sklar on CBS on PBS
Retrospective: Maurice Tourneur Rattles His Chains
Retrospective: King Vidor Rattles His Saber
Film Noir, Life Noir, by Peter Hankoff
Independents: Amos Vogel on a Reader’s Digest Avant Garde

Arthur Penn
interviewed by Stuart Byron and Terry Curtis Fox
Charles Michener on The Missouri Breaks

Film Apres Noir
Alienation in a Dark Alley
by Larry Gross

Britannia Waives the Rules
The Angry Young Cinema Grows Out
by Raymond Durgnat

Book Marks
by Richard T. Jameson

Gerald Weales on two social histories of American film