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January-February 1995

Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise, Pier Paolo Pasolini's Mama RomaInterview with the VampireAnchoress, maternity in film, Takeshi Kitano, Robert Benton interviewed, Nobody's Fool, best of 1994, Nick Gomez, Nelson Pereira dos Santos

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Issue Details

Richard Linklater
Offhand Enchantment
By Robert Horton

Mamma Roma
Disordinately Absolute
By Chris Chang

Interview with the Vampire and Anchoress
Nativity Scenes
By Kathleen Murphy

Frankenstein et al.
Really a Part of Me
By David Thomson

Takeshi Kitano
Japan’s serene wildman
By Chuck Stephens

Robert Benton
Interviewed by Christian Keathley
With a review of Nobodys Fool by Andrew Sarris

New Indian Cinema
By David Chute

Moments out of Time, Ten Bests, Overlooked, New Faces

Francesco Rosi
By Stewart Klawans
With an interview by Howard Feinstein

Guilty Pleasures
Robert Zemeckis

A Farewell to Arms
Unmaking the 1932 version
By Leonard J. Leff

Nick Gomez
By Gavin Smith

The Reckless Moment
By Donald Lyons

Nelson Pereira dos Santos
By Robert Stam