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January-February 1974

Yakuza films by Paul Schrader; Leaving The Times Or: How I Came to Lose My Job as a Second-String Movie Critic by Alan Greenspun; Alain Resnais by Peter Harcourt; Malcolm McDowell by Raymond Durgnat; London, Paris, and Los Angeles journals

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London by Jan Dawsom

Paris by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Los Angeles by Stephen Farber


Yakuza: Eiga: A Primer  by Paul Schrader

Leaving The Times by Roger Greenspun

Alain Resnais: toward the certainty of doubt by Peter Harcourt

Some visual motifs of Film Noir by J.A. Place and L.S. Peterson

Short Subjects by Elliott Sirkin, Peter Bogdanovich, Richard Corliss, Robert Fraker, and Richard Roud

O Lucky Man—Or: The adventures of a clockwork cheese by Raymond Durgnat

Romantic dramas of the ‘40s: an analysis by Jean-Loup Bourget

Broken Goddess by James McCourt

Mr. Ford and Mr. Rogers by Martin Rubin