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Fall-Winter 1967

Kennedy and Warren Commission documentaries, A Time for BurningTroublemakers, Gerald Temaner and Gordon Quinn’s Home for Life, Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, interview with Bergman, interviews with Jean Rouch, direct cinema, Japanese underground film

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Rush to Judgement
A Conversation with Mark Lane and Emile De Antonio

Homo Americanus
By Louis Marcorelles

Complete Transcript of Soundtrack of U.S. Information Agency Film on President Kennedy—Years of Lightning, Day of Drums

The Kennedy Film at Warrenton
By Martin S. Dworkin

Background to The Kennedy Film

Use and Abuse of Stock Footage

Two Sides of the Civil Rights Coin
By William Sloan

Home for Life

“My Need to Express Myself in a Film”—Interview with Ingmar Bergman
By Edwin Newman

Bergman’s Persona
Reviewed by Erwin Leiser

Selected Short Subjects
By Cecile Starr

Elmar Klos and Jan Kadar, Czech Directors of Shop on Main Street
Discussion with Jules Cohen

Japanese Underground Film
By Robert Steele

Direct Cinema
By James Blue

The Films of Jean Rouch
By James Blue

Jean Rouch Interviews
By James Blue and Jacqueline Veuve

The Films of David Wark Griffith
The Development of Themes And Techniques m Forty-two of His Films
By Richard J. Meyer

Book Reviews

The Film Index—A Bibliography, Volume I, The Film As Art compiled by Workers of the Writers Program of the WPA
Reviewed by Herman G. Weinberg

A Tower In Babel—A History of Broadcasting in the U.S. to 1933 by Erik Barnouw
Reviewed by Richard J. Meyer

A World On Film by Stanley Kauffmann
Reviewed by Lewis Jacobs

Film Study in Higher Education
Reviewed by George H. Bouwman

Italian Cinema Today by Gian Luigi Rondi
Reviewed by Robert Connelly

The Symbol by Alvah Bessie
Reviewed by Donald Skoller

The Film-Maker’s Art by Haig P. Manoogian
Reviewed by Ray Sipherd

The Technique of Documentary Film Production by W. Hugh Baddeley
Reviewed by Austin F. Lamont

Letters from Readers