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Fall 1970

Andrew Sarris on the auteur theory in 1970, Ken Russell interview, Milos Forman interview, David Bordwell on The Circus, Paul Jensen on Frankenstein, Richard Koszarski on Trouble In Paradise, Molly Haskell on Stage Fright, Stephen Farber on Lilith, William Pechter on The Wild Bunch, Bette Davis and William Wyler

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For a Fair Distribution of Film Wealth
By Charles Silver

Notes on the Auteur Theory in 1970
By Andrew Sarris

An Interview with Ken Russell
By Gene D. Phillips

The Lady and The Director
Bette Davis and William Wyler
By Gary Carey

By Kenneth Geist

An Interview with John Whitney
By Austin Lamont

A Discussion with John Whitney
Recorded at the 1969 Flaherty Film Seminar


David Bordwell on The Circus
Paul Jensen on Frankenstein
Richard Koszarski on Trouble In Paradise
Molly Haskell on Stage Fright
Stephen Farber on Lilith
William Pechter on The Wild Bunch

Getting the Great Ten Percent
Milos Forman interviewed by Harriet Polt

Movies That Play For Keeps
By Charles C. Hampton , Jr.