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Fall 1968

Roman Polanski, Jerzy Skolimowski, a tribute to Boris Barnet, building Soviet movie theaters, Serge Parajanov on Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors, Evelyn Gerstein on Ivan the Terrible, Czechoslovakian cinema, Istvan Szabo interview

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Roman Polanski in New York
Interviewed by Harrison Engle

Polanski Biography and Filmography

Jerzy Skolimowski
Interviewed by Film Comment

Skolimowski Biography and Filmography


A Mosaic of Soviet Writings on Film
Selected and translated by Stephen P. Hill

Inquisition in the Other Eden—The Blacklisting of a Film Writer in the USSR
By Eugene Gabrilovich

Gabrilovich Filmography

A Soviet Reporter’s View of Cinema in the Chinese People’s Republic
By A. Zhelahovtsev

A Tribute to Boris Barnet
By Ellen Kusmina

A Tribute to Ivan Pyriev
By Mark Donskoy

Soviet Theaters: To Build or not to Build
By E. Zusman

Notes on Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors
By Serge Parajanov

Ordinary Fascism
By Erwin Leiser

Ivan the Terrible: A Peak in Darien
By Evelyn Gerstein


Istvan Szabo
Interviewed by Bob Sitton


The Reckoning of a Miracle—An Analysis of Czechoslovak Cinematography
Antonin J. Liehm

The New Czech Film
By Kirk Bond


Animation from Zagreb
By Ronald Holloway