Fall 1964

The second New York Film Festival by Andrew Sarris, Roberto Rossellini, the BFI, the Maysles Brothers discuss Cinéma Vérité, the Spanish film scene, Venice Film Festival, Bruce Baillie, Gregory Markopoulos, film censorship and exhibitors

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Issue Details

Odyssey from Hollywood to New York
By Carl Lerner

The Second New York Film Festival
By Andrew Sarris

The Achievement of Roberto Rossellini
By Alan Casty

Thoughts on Cinéma Vérité and a Discussion with the Maysles Brothers
By James Blue

The British Film Institute
By Tony Hodgkinson

By Gene Stavis

Newsom on Film

New Changes on the Spanish Film Scene
By Edith Laurie

Film Scholars at the New York Film Festival
By Robert Steele

Impressions at Venice
By Carl Lerner

The Films of Bruce Baillie
By Harriet Polt

Random Notes During a Two Week Lecture Tour of the United States
By Gregory Markopoulos

Motion Picture Censorship and the Exhibitor
By Barbara Scott

Book Reviews

The World of Film Series: Michelangelo Antonioni and Luis Buñuel
Reviewed by William Sloan

The Films of Greta Garbo by Michael Conway, Dion McGregor and Mark Ricci, introduction by Parker Tyler
Reviewed by Lief Sjöberg

The Preservation of Motion Picture Film by The International Center of the AudioVisual Arts and Sciences
Reviewed by Joanne Godbout

The Two Hundred Days of 8½ translated by Charles Lam Markmann, with an afterword by Dwight MacDonald
Reviewed by William Sloan

Film Comment Bibliography