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Fall 1962

Interview with Chief of the Motion Picture Service of the United States Information Agency George Stevens Jr., Ron Rice interview, Venice Film Festival, Marcel Mariën’s L’Imitation du Cinema, film and censorship, San Francisco Film Festival, Peter Bogdanovich on Mr. Arkadin

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George Stevens, Jr. Interview
By Gordon Hitchens
“Anything we can do to stimulate the positive use of films overseas is important”

Notes from the Venice Film Festival
By Edith Laurie
Seventy-five films in sixteen days, and the best of them Italian

Another Kind of Cinema
By Marcel Mariën
“Film, which relieves us perfectly of the need to live.”

Marcel Mariën’s L’Imitation du Cinema
By Gregory Markopoulos

Freedom and Film: On film censorship
“Censorship is no more defensible when practiced by learned people of good will than by illiterates of bad will”

The San Francisco Festival 1962
By John Fell, Richard Kobritz, and Frank Smith

Ron Rice Interview
By Mary Batten
“By using a cheaper method of working, one can afford to experiment and can afford to discover new things”

The Scorpion and the Frog: Mr. Arkadin
By Peter Bogdanovich and Gordon Hitchens
A “new” film by Orson Welles in its American debut

Comments on New Books
Reviewed by Robert Windeler
Hollywood in Transition by Richard Dyer MacCann; The Television Writer by Erik Barnouw; Film: Book 2: Films of Peace and War ed. Robert Hughes

The Museum of Modern Art Film Library
By Gregory Markopoulos
A Plan of Action