“NO NEW ‘MOVIES’ TIL INFLUENZA ENDS“ read the October 10, 1918, headline in The New York Times, during the global flu pandemic one century ago. Then as now, theaters nationwide were temporarily closing, leaving moviegoers without any movies to go to. “WE MISS OUR MOVIES” went another newspaper headline that same October, atop an article that marveled at the impact of this young popular art form: “In a few years, and so gradually as to be almost imperceptible, the custom of watching them has grown upon individuals of all mentalities to a greater extent than they realized until they suddenly were deprived of them.”

The “movies” are a bit more familiar now, but we’re definitely feeling deprived of moviegoing, the community that cinemas provide, and, well, just plain getting out of the house and seeing people. So we’ve begun our Film Comment Podcast at Home series, gathering together (remotely!) to talk about the movies we’re watching at home. While we can’t do anything about the stir-craziness, or the dread, we can at least share movies and keep each other company. Without further ado, please enjoy our latest installment, where I’m joined by Film Comment critical stalwart, Michael Koresky, and my editorial colleagues at the magazine, Devika Girish and Clinton Krute.

We hope you’ll follow along and watch with us. On this episode, we discuss Desperately Seeking Susan, After Hours, Columbo, The Big City, Stuff and Dough, The Green Fog, Vertigo, Crimes of the Heart, The Truth, If We Say That We Are Friends, Ridge and more. (Also, here’s the recipe Devika mentions!)