Kristen Stewart takes the spotlight in the brand-new July/August issue of FILM COMMENT, in a nuanced and balanced appreciation of the star’s performances by Nick Davis. In this edition of The Film Comment Podcast, Digital Editor Violet Lucca and Editor in Chief Nicolas Rapold explore the cover story and other articles with the help of three featured writers. Ashley Clark, film critic and author of Facing Blackness, discusses his essay on silent-era black performers and their overlooked talents. FC contributor and filmmaker Yonca Talu reflects on her interview with Clément Cogitore, whose recent film Neither Heaven Nor Earth burrows into the fractured and fracturing experience of 21st-century warfare. Finally, Museum of the Moving Image associate curator Eric Hynes investigates the links between New Journalism and contemporary documentary, tracing a shared interest in complicating notions of reportage and reality. You can read about all this and more in the July/August issue—but for the inside story (and effortlessly delightful repartee) have a listen to this week’s podcast.