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Founded in 1962 and originally released as a quarterly, Film Comment features reviews and analysis of mainstream, art-house, and avant-garde filmmaking from around the world.

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November-December 2008

Interviews with Arnaud Desplechin and Catherine Deneuve, Nathan Lee on Gus Van Sant’s Milk, Rob Nelson on two Eighties docs Demon Lover Diary and Seventeen, Hot Property: Tulpan by Chris Chang, Site Specifics: Order of the Exile by Paul Fileri, a review of The Secret of the Grain by Elisabeth Lequeret

September-October 2008

Includes Amy Taubin on Steven Soderbergh’s Che, Tony Rayns on Nagisa Oshima, Distributor Wanted: The Mugger by Chris Chang, Sam Di Iorio on Les Idoles, Site Specifics: Europa Film Treasures, Ariel Rotter’s The Other, a review of Let the Right One In by Laura Kern

July-August 2008

Kent Jones on WALL•E, Jonathan Rosenbaum on Manoel de Oliveira, Distributor Wanted: In the City of Sylvia by J. Hoberman, Olaf Möller on Li Ying, Site Specifics:, Cannes coverage by Kent Jones and Richard Peña, a review of Vicky Cristina Barcelona by Jonathan Romney

May-June 2008

Includes Amy Taubin on Catherine Breillat’s The Last Mistress, Thomas Elsaesser on The Edge of Heaven, Distributor Wanted: Estômago by Laura Kern, Miriam Bale on Jennifer Jones, a review of Yella by Chris Darke

March-April 2008

Includes Molly Haskell on Meryl Streep, Robin Wood on Munyurangabo, Distributor Wanted: Captain Ahab by Elisabeth Lequeret, Irina Leimbacher on Nicolas Klotz and his latest film, Heartbeat Detector, a review of Standard Operating Procedure by Michael Chaiken

January-February 2008

Kent Jones on There Will Be Blood, Robin Wood on George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead, Distributor Wanted: The Man from London by Chris Chang, Terra Incognita: 18 films to look out for in 2008, a review of Ex Drummer by Chris Norris