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Founded in 1962 and originally released as a quarterly, Film Comment features reviews and analysis of mainstream, art-house, and avant-garde filmmaking from around the world.

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Winter 1971–1972

Jean Cocteau, Stanley Kubrick interview, paranoia in Hollywood, Jacques Demy, Ernst Lubitsch in the Thirties, lost films, Alice AdamsHappiness, Robin Wood

Fall 1971

John Ford’s late films, Alexander Dovzhenko, Roger Corman interview, Willard Maas interview, Monkey BusinessLove Affair and An Affair to Remember, Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin, and Gérard Martin’s Wind from the East

Summer 1971

André Bazin and long takes, special sections on F.W. Murnau, Orson Welles, and Max Ophuls

Spring 1971

Yasujiro Ozu, François Truffaut, Bruce Baillie, visual anthropology, Margaret Mead, Tim Asch, James Whale, Andrew Sarris on The Searchers