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Since 2000, Film Comment Selects has held sneak peeks of upcoming releases, showcased eclectic international and avant-garde films, and given retrospectives to rare and overlooked directors.

Upcoming Screenings

Blood Glacier

Feb 22, 10:00pm (Standby Only)

Scientists researching climate change at a research base in the German Alps discover a mysterious substance leaking from a glacier containing micro-organisms that can infect multiple hosts, and soon do, in this over-the-top creature feature for the Global Warming age.

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Feb 22, 3:20pm (Standby Only)
Feb 26, 3:30pm (Standby Only)

The blunt title of this quietly disturbing, creepily atmospheric, and deeply perverse character study of a small-town tailor who forms a connection with his “masseuse” neighbor won’t prepare you for the slow and mesmerizingly deliberate experience in store for you.

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Cherchez Hortense

Feb 18, 6:30pm (Standby Only)
Feb 25, 4:45pm (Standby Only)

Jean-Pierre Bacri and Kristin Scott Thomas are together at last in this old-school relationship movie by frequent Rivette and Ruiz screenplay collaborator and ex–Cahiers du cinéma critic Pascal Bonitzer, an underrated filmmaker in his own right.

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City of Pirates

Feb 26, 9:50pm (Standby Only)

Funny, frightening, and enigmatic, this rarely screened film by the late Raúl Ruiz is like a cross between Peter Pan and Friday the 13th as told through a wildly baroque visual style that suggests a collaboration between Georges Méliès and Sergio Leone.

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Feb 27, 6:30pm (Standby Only)

In his second collaboration with Villeneuve, Jake Gyllenhaal gives his best performance to date as both Adam, a reserved and humorless history professor, and Anthony, an animated and cocksure bit-part actor who catches the academic’s eye due to their alarming resemblance.

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Fat Shaker

Feb 22, 1:30pm (Standby Only)

In this singular and cryptic film from a subversive new voice in Iranian cinema, an obese con man uses his attractive deaf-mute son to extort money from predatory women looking for a boy-toy—until one of his marks makes herself at home, with unexpected consequences.

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Flesh of My Flesh

Feb 22, 5:45pm (Standby Only)

Director Denis Dercourt in person for Q&A!

An unsettling and strikingly oblique psychological horror film that gives new meaning to the term “motherly love,” Flesh of My Flesh takes us into the schizoid reality of a woman whose young child has a rare medical condition that requires a highly unusual diet.

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Feb 26, 8:00pm (Standby Only)

Petzold’s third film interweaves two intersecting storylines to explore the spectral existences of three female outsiders—a pair of late adolescent girls and an unstable middle-aged woman—who struggle to reconnect with “normal” society and find a place to belong.

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Healthcare Mayhem: The Carey Treatment + The Hospital

Feb 25, 7:00pm (Standby Only)

Suspicion abounds in this month’s Film Comment Double Feature of two early-1970s medical gems: The Carey Treatment, an elaborately plotted mystery thriller starring James Coburn, and The Hospital, a blackly comic drama by Network writer Paddy Chayevsky.

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The Hypnotist

Feb 21, 3:30pm (Standby Only)
Feb 23, 8:00pm (Standby Only)

Hallström returns to his native tongue for the first time in 25 years for this twisty, visually striking Nordic noir about a psychologist (the great Mikael Persbrandt) who’s lured back into hypnotism—a practice he’d sworn off—to help solve a horrific crime.

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Feb 20, 6:45pm (Standby Only)
Feb 27, 4:15pm (Standby Only)

Director Noh Young-seok in person on February 20!

This twisty, blackly comic suspense thriller from South Korea follows a screenwriter who rents a winter cabin in a remote country backwater to concentrate on his latest project, but finds himself surrounded by a colorful and noisy cast of characters.

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Me and You

Feb 27, 8:30pm (Standby Only)

Free reception for ticket holders with food and wine courtesy of the Italian Wine Commission in the Furman Gallery starting at 7:00pm!

A teenager from a well-to-do-family tries to escape the outside world by shutting himself in his mother’s basement, but finds himself sharing the space with his heroin-addicted older half-sister in Bertolucci’s first Italian-language feature in 32 years.

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Metro Manila

Feb 21, 6:00pm (Standby Only)

In this Sundance Audience Award winner, a family of poor rice-farmers travels from the desolate mountains to bustling Manila in the hopes of making some money, only to discover that the exploitation they faced at home is nothing compared to what greets them in the big city.

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The Sacrament

Feb 21, 8:30pm (Standby Only)

Director Ti West in person for Q&A!

Indie horror specialist Ti West adopts a first-person found-footage approach, with his usual flair and assurance, for this story of a Jim Jones–type religious cult that will stick in your mind long after the credits roll.

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Top of the Lake

Feb 23, 1:00pm (Standby Only)

Twin Peaks crossed with The Killing—and that isn’t the half of it. Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss stars in this thrilling seven-episode television series, the toughest, wildest picture Jane Campion has ever made.

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We Are the Best!

Mar 6, 7:30pm (Standby Only)

Screening added on Thursday, March 6!

The director of Together and Lilya 4-ever is back on form with an energetic rough-and-tumble story of three rebellious teenage girls who form a punk rock band to defy the stifling conformity of early-1980s Stockholm.

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Feb 26, 6:00pm (Standby Only)

Petzold’s first collaboration with Nina Hoss, star of his art-house hit Barbara, is a slow-burning thriller that uses the relationship between a hit-and-run driver and the victim’s mother to examine the role of chance in people’s lives and the existential malaise of modern Germany.

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