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Andrew Bujalski’s newest project: Computer Chess

By Violet Lucca on August 05, 2011

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Is this Mumblecore's answer to Chillwave? Almost certainly. Andrew Bujalski's newest project, Computer Chess, sets out to tackle vintage––but still unanswered––philosophical questions of technophobia and technolust. Set in 1980, the story revolves around the nascent field of personal computing during a computer programming tournament. The Beeswax writer/director intends to cast non-professionals with backgrounds in technology and philosophy (in addition to traditional actors) to give an added air of authenticity to the performances. $43,500 of the movie's budget will hopefully be raised by USA Projects, the first micro-philanthropic site dedicated exclusively to artists living and working in the states. Since 2010, it has funded more than 150 accomplished artists with over $1 million in pledges. While federal arts funding in the states has been paltry in comparison with our European friends, the current debt crisis seems to suggest that it may go entirely extinct. As a non-partisan entity, Film Comment wholeheartedly endorses both Bujalski's endeavours and those of USA Projects...

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