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January-February 2011

Best Films of 2010, James L. Brooks in conversation with Gavin Smith, Kent Jones on Shoah, Mike Leigh interviewed by Amy Taubin, Scott Foundas on Isild Le Besco, Robinson in Ruins, reviews of Cold Weather, The Strange Case of Angelica, The Time That Remains, and True Grit, plus short takes on Carancho, The Housemaid, Into Eternity, Of Gods and Men, Twelve Thirty, and The Way Back

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James L. Brooks
By Gavin Smith
The maestro of West Coast neurotic comedy talks about his new film How Do You Know.
Plus: Jonathan Rosenbaum on the musical version of I’ll Do Anything

Voices on Film
By David Thomson
Look who’s talking (and singing). It’s not as simple as it sounds

Isild Le Besco
By Scott Foundas
A fascination with fringe-dwellers energizes the films of this actress turned auteur

Mike Leigh
By Amy Taubin
England’s greatest living filmmaker discusses Another Year’s dance of the contented and the depressed, and Graham Fuller supplies an anatomy of melancholy. Plus, a Mike Leigh star chart

Final Cut 2010
Best Films of the Year Poll
Personal Bests
State of the Art
Terra Incognita
Tyler Perry by Wesley Morris

By Kent Jones
Claude Lanzmann’s epic documentary remains one of the cinema’s greatest achievements


News, Hot Property: Patrick Keiller’s Robinson in Ruins by Chris Chang, Alex Cox’s 10,000 Ways to Die, Site Specifics: I Love Alaska by Jesse P. Finnegan, The Trivial Top 20: Most Indelible Songs From 80s Films

Bucharest and the Romanian New Wave by Alex Leo Serban

Brief Encounters
Paul Giamatti interviewed by Harlan Jacobson

Sound & Vision
Adam Pendleton’s BAND by Holladay Penick and the Guggenheim’s Chaos & Classicism exhibit by Chris Chang

Olaf’s World
Roee Rosen by Olaf Möller

Arthur Penn’s The Chase by Richard Combs

Cold Weather by Scott Foundas, The Strange Case of Angelica by Haden Guest, The Time That Remains by Joumane Chahine, True Grit by Nicolas Rapold

Short Takes
Carancho by Laura Kern, The Housemaid by Chris Chang, Into Eternity by Chris Chang, Of Gods and Men by Nicolas Rapold, Twelve Thirty by Nicolas Rapold, The Way Back by Laura Kern

Home Movies
Zulawski x 4 by Travis Crawford

Joe McElhaney on Hollywood Incoherent: Narration in Seventies Cinema