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January-February 1999

Terence Malick's The Thin Red Line, Milton Moses Ginsburg on Coming Apart, Wes Anderson, Akira Kurosawa, John Carpenter, Jacques Becker, Aleksei German, PetuliaSmall Change, Happiness, and Best Films of 1998, the Avant-Garde in 1998

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The Thin Red Line by Gavin Smith
Coming Apart by Milton Moses Ginsberg
Wes Anderson by Mark Olsen
Akira Kurosawa by Peter Hogue and Michael Wilmington
John Carpenter by Kent Jones
Best of 1998
The Avant-Garde in 1998 by Paul Arthur
Jacques Becker by Philip Kemp
Aleksei German by J. Hoberman
Petulia by Richard Combs
Small Change by Giovanna De Luca
Happiness by Andrew Lewis Conn

Film Reviews

The Hi-Lo Country by John Anderson, The Swindle by Phillip Lopate, A Civil Action by Kent Jones,Vietnam-Long Time Coming by Paul Arthur, Another Day in Paradise by Donald Chase, Stepmom by Dave Kehr

Video Review

Fassbinder’s Despair by Gavin Smith