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Fall 1966

Propaganda films about the war in Vietnam, Viet Cong Films, Why Vietnam?, The Rising Storm, While Brave Men Die, Dziga Vertov, Eliza Kazan and HUAC, Cannes, Carl Theodor Dreyer interview, Federico Fellini interview, review of Chaplin’s autobiography

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The Film Comment Foundation

Propaganda Films about the War in Vietnam

Viet Cong Film #1, Visuals

Viet Cong Film #1, Narration

Viet Cong Film #2, Visuals and Narration

U.S. Army Film Why Vietnam? Narration

North Vietnamese Feature, La Tempête se Lève (The Rising Storm)

Days of Protest

Introduction to While Brave Men Die

A Statement by Fulton Lewis, III, producer-director of While Brave Men Die

Biographical Sketch of Fulton Lewis, III

Complete Transcript of While Brave Men Die

The Man with the Movie Camera
By Herman G. Weinberg

Elia Kazan and the House Un-American Activities Committee
By Roger Tailleur, Translated by Alvah Bessie

Report from Cannes
By Nelly Kaplan

“My Way of Working is in Relation to the Future”: An Interview with Carl Dreyer
By Carl Lerner

The Basic Demand of Life for Love
By Kirk Bond

To Rescue Gertrud
By Don Skoller

“I was Born for the Cinema”: A Conversation with Federico Fellini
By Irving Levine

Book Reviews

My Autobiography by Charles Chaplin
Reviewed by Harry Feldman

Salt of the Earth by Herbert Biberman
Reviewed by Emile de Antonio