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Fall 1965

Special section on Pier Paolo Pasolini, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, Peter Watkins interview, the Hollywood Blacklist, pornography in film

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Man’s Right to Know Before He Dies
Excerpts from Peter Watkin’s letters to Film Comment and excerpts from the British press pro and con The War Game

Interview with Peter Watkins
By James Blue and Michael Gill

Pier Paolo Pasolini and the Art of Directing
By Gordon Hitchens

Greatest Story Ever Told . . . by a Communist
BMaryvonne Butcher

To a Pope
By Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pasolini Interviewed
By James Blue

Manipulation of the Masses Through the Nazi Film
By Hilmar Hoffmann

“Germany Awake!”
By Erwin Leiser

Hidden Cameras and Human Behavior
Allen Funt interviewed by Harrison Engle

Similarity with A Difference
By Robert Connolly

That Meeting at Dartmouth
By Anthony Hodgkinson

Jail, Freedom, and the Screenwriting Profession
By Alvah Bessie

Critical Reactions to the New Bessie Book

The American People and Freedom on the Screen
By Herbert Biberman

The Blacklist—What it was Like and Why it May Return: A review and discussion oJohn Henry Faulk’s Fear On Trial
By F. William Howton

Pornography in Film
By F. William Howton

Book Reviews

Documentary in American Television by A. William Bluem
Reviewed by Willard Van Dyke

The Films of Akira Kurosawa bDonald Richie
Reviewed by George Bluestone

The Filmgoer’s Companion by Leslie Halliwell
Reviewed by Prof. Robert Steele

The Sociology of Film Art by George Huaco
Reviewed by David Stewart Hull and Dr. Joseph Goldberg

The Journal of the Society of Cinematologists
Reviewed by Kirk Bond

Letters from Readers

News and Notes