This week sees another entry in our long-running series of Movie Gifts podcasts. It’s like Secret Santa but for movies—each participant picks a title for another that the recipient hasn’t seen. It’s a fun way to share enthusiasms and gain new insights on old favorites. For this round, Film Comment co-deputy editors Devika Girish and Clinton Krute invited FC contributor Nathan Lee and former FC editor Gavin Smith, two longtime friends, who were eager to assign each other movies. For Gavin, Nathan selected Paul W. S. Anderson’s action-packed 2008 remake Death Race. For Nathan, Gavin chose Larry Cohen’s 1976 apocalyptic sci-fi stunner God Told Me To.

Devika and Clint were a little less considerate to each other: Clint gifted Devika the toxic 1979 football drama North Dallas Forty, while Devika gifted Clint her childhood favorite, Baby’s Day Out, a madcap live-action cartoon about a sadistic baby running wild in the streets. Movie Gifts, or Movie Torture? Listen to find out.

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